Vignettes – An Anthology – Buy Now

Paperback: $5.99 USD

Kindle: $2.99 USD

A collection of poetry and prose from Australian writer P.S.Clinen. Includes the award-winning poem Gull & Leviathan – A Fable and the short story Tower of Fog.

Tenebrae Manor – In Dark Trees Definitive Edition – Buy Now

Paperback: $15.99 USD

Kindle: $0.99 USD

A revised edition of P.S. Clinen’s debut novel; containing illustrations, poetry, character profiles, interviews and more. A unique and haunting gothic novel.

A Boy Named Art – Buy Now

Paperback: $5.50 USD

A quirky poem for children and adults alike, complete with illustrations by the author.

The Will of the Wisp – Buy Now

Paperback: $9.99 USD

Kindle: $2.99 USD

The second novel from Australian author P.S. Clinen. A unique blend of horror, drama and intrigue.

Lane Cove Literary Award 2014: An Anthology – Buy Now

(Subject to Availability) $25.00 AUD

A book collaborating the winning entries from the inaugural Lane Cove Literary Awards. P.S. Clinen has two works in this publication – Gull & Leviathan, winner of the poetry section, and Tower Of Fog, a shortlisted story.

Celestials – EP by Pinnacle Tricks

Free Download

The first musical release by P.S. Clinen, under the name Pinnacle Tricks. Ten songs travelling through art rock, psychedelic, blues and folk.

As I Was Saying… by Pinnacle Tricks

Free Download

The second EP from Pinnacle Tricks. Six songs of introspective art folk.