Tenebrae Manor – FREE – 5 Days Only

And once again, we’re off! Tenebrae Manor is free to download from Amazon as of now. This offer will last for 5 days so don’t miss out! Hit the image below to proceed to Amazon. If are yet to read Tenebrae Manor, or maybe you aren’t convinced, why not check out some of its manyContinue reading “Tenebrae Manor – FREE – 5 Days Only”

Tenebrae Manor – Free Amazon Download Beginning 1st February

It’s a new year, and time for another Amazon giveaway! Tenebrae Manor will be free to download from Sunday 1st until Thursday 5th February. If you haven’t had a chance to read this gothic novel yet, now is your chance! Stay tuned for more information and kick start your reading year with a good book!Continue reading “Tenebrae Manor – Free Amazon Download Beginning 1st February”

Halloween – The Aftermath

Well, what a week. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who participated in my free giveaway of Tenebrae Manor. The amount of books pushed out the door was phenomenal. To give some perspective – I ran a 5 day giveaway back in May; this Halloween giveaway saw twice as many downloads ofContinue reading “Halloween – The Aftermath”

Halloween Week Day 5 – Tenebrae Manor FREE Download

A little over 24 hours remain to download a free copy of Tenebrae Manor from Amazon. Don’t miss out! Click the image below to get your copy now: “May the night know no end!” As we get closer than ever to Halloween, I’ve saved my best costume for today. Here is 2011’s costume, Edward Scissorhands:Continue reading “Halloween Week Day 5 – Tenebrae Manor FREE Download”

Halloween Week Day 4 – Tenebrae Manor FREE Download

Only 2 days left to download Tenebrae Manor for free. Click the image below to get your copy now: “Incorrigible fiend! You will not see the moon rise again! I will pry your heart from its dark cage! I will wrench that vile thing from the very pit of your ashen soul!” Some characters justContinue reading “Halloween Week Day 4 – Tenebrae Manor FREE Download”