Tenebrae Manor – Upcoming Giveaway

New year, another Amazon Kindle free book promotion! From February 1st Tenebrae Manor will be free to download for 5 days only.

Start your reading year with a free book! More information to come on February 1st. Until then, you can read the synopsis of Tenebrae Manor and check out what others thought of it at Amazon and Goodreads.

Tenebrae Manor on Amazon

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Happy New Year For 2017

Hey there folks.

Here’s hoping you had a restful Christmas break and have a prosperous year 2017! Things have been a bit quiet on my site for a spell – mainly due to the birth of my first little son in early December. Fatherhood has been quite a ride so far as I am sure many can relate. You’d think this would have a negative effect on the old writing urges but quite the contrary; since around August last year I’ve hit a real purple patch and have been feverishly jotting down short stories and other projects.

The Will Of The Wisp – my forthcoming novel (first mentioned early 2015 with a prologue revealed April 2016) – is at last nearing completion, being in the final stages of editing. It is not something I want to rush out the door incomplete, but I’d say there’ll be a new book for you folks to read in a few months time. I definitely don’t want to still be teasing it come 2018. As for other works, there have been a huge amount of short stories churned out by myself that will most likely end up being one big novel in due time – let’s not get ahead of ourselves, yeah?

In regards to promotions and free books, etc., the song remains the same; be on the look out for Tenebrae Manor to be free to download on Amazon Kindle at sporatic times throughout the year. I love getting my work out there to people and being able to offer it free of charge at various times is a great service Amazon offers. Keep an eye out for Goodreads giveaways as well, where you might be lucky enough to snag a paperback copy of Tenebrae Manor or A Boy Named Art.

Thanks again for your continued support of this no-name author; the lesser known writers like myself appreciate any and all support and I absolutely love sharing my writing works with you all. I hope you read a few good books in 2017, as for myself it is still a case of too many books, too little time!

See you soon.

Great Christmas Presents Available


Front Cover FinalTenebrae Manor – Buy Now

Paperback: $18.50 AUD

Kindle: $3.99 AUD

Debut novel of Australian author P.S. Clinen. A unique and haunting gothic novel. For more information, including the first chapter, click here.


A Boy Named Art – Buy Now

$4.99 AUD

A quirky poem for children and adults alike, complete with illustrations by the author.

Lane Cove

Lane Cove Literary Award 2014: An Anthology – Buy Now

$25.00 AUD

A book collaborating the winning entries from the inaugural Lane Cove Literary Awards. P.S. Clinen has two works in this publication – Gull & Leviathan, winner of the poetry section, and Tower Of Fog, a shortlisted story.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, spooky people! Hope you had a truly ghastly time! The giveaway for Tenebrae Manor is now over; a big thank you to everyone who participated. Enjoy your free book and if you enjoy it, drop a review / rating on Amazon or Goodreads!

As always, more promotions to come in the future. Until then, happy reading.