Great Christmas Gifts

Looking for a good book to read over Christmas? Looking for a good present for a loved one? Look no further. Links below:

Tenebrae Manor (Definitive Edition)

The Will of the Wisp

A Boy Named Art


Free Halloween Books Available Now

Tenebrae Manor (both the original and definitive editions) and The Will of the Wisp are free to download on Amazon Kindle for five days only! Promotion ends on Halloween 31st October so get yourself a spooky read to get into the spirit of things! Links below:

Tenebrae Manor (Original Edition)

Tenebrae Manor (Definitive Edition)

The Will of the Wisp

Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition – Available Now

Just in time for Halloween, Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition is available now! I’m very pleased to be able to get this ready in time for the upcoming holiday season. This improved edition of my first novel is the best way to experience the story. Containing illustrations, poetry, character profiles, interviews and more, this is Tenebrae Manor the way it is meant to be.

Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition can be purchased on Amazon for $15.99 USD, making it cheaper than the original edition! Just one more reason to add it to your reading collection. A Kindle edition is also available for just $0.99 USD! Click the image below to get your copy today.

In the Dark Trees_Front Cover


Honing in on the finer details…

The proof copy arrived today! A few printing issues with the cover…. crop is a bit off, but other than that it’s looking good! Hopefully this will be available to the public shortly.


Halloween Giveaway – 2 Free eBooks!

Halloween is coming up, and like every other year I will be giving away Tenebrae Manor for free in the days leading up to October 31! The difference this year is that my latest novel, The Will of the Wisp, will also be free to download as well. So you can get two free books for Halloween, happy day! The promotion will start on October 27th.

I’d also like to note that I am working hard to get Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition out in time for Christmas, maybe earlier (a big maybe). But in any account, I can’t wait to share that one with you; it’s turning out great!

More news closer to Halloween.

– PSC xo


Coming Soon – Tenebrae Manor Definitive Edition

front cover definitive

Coming Soon

Tenebrae Manor – In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition is a revised edition of my debut novel containing illustrations, interviews, poetry, character profiles and more!


A Poem – Inspiration



Come now calm down and just be patient.

Though many ideas have been and went,

Like the turn of the tide or the phase of the moon

Something new will spring forth soon…

– 2008

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