Garden Lounge Creative Space, Newtown NSW

Sydney-siders can head over to Newtown to Garden Lounge Creative Space, where several copies of my books are available for sale. They have a great selection of books, specialising in poetry.

Or drop by and see one of the many events running there including live music and poetry readings, not to mention great coffee!

Garden Lounge Creative Space

573 King Street Newtown NSW 2042

Revit – Difficult to Learn, Easy to Master

”All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master.” – so says Bushnell’s Law, a term coined from Atari founder Nolan Bushnell on the subject of video game design. My LinkedIn profile depicts me as BIM Operator but mentions nothing of my personal hobby of playing video games. The aforementioned quote is famous among gamers, and of late I’ve thought about how it weaves its way into the principles of drafting and document delivery. The mention of ’BIM’ or ’Revit’ no longer spreads glassy stares across members of our industry so much so that the concept of a ’draftsman’ is as dead in the water as the once imperitive AutoCAD. But how did we get here? How have new technologies improved workflow, and what advancements can we anticipate in the future? The same was certainly said when we put down our set-squares and turned to keyboards and now, having leapt further down the rabbit hole into 3D, we must ask it again.

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Wax Lyrical – Firewatch & Outer Wilds

Overcoming trauma through emotional storytelling.

The following piece extensively covers some distressing topics – read at your own discretion. (And as a less important note, contains spoilers for Firewatch and Outer Wilds).

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