Tower Of Fog

Tower Of Fog is a short story written by P.S.Clinen. It has been shortlisted for a number of awards, including the Atlantis Short Story Competition 2013 and the Lane Cove Literary Award 2014. It appeared in the February 2017 edition of Australia Times Unearthed Fiction magazine. Below is the story in its entirety.

The sun rose, and through the veil of mist, threw its rays with furious abandon at the cloud that perennially coated the mountains. These mountains wound along the bleak coast, corroded fangs weathered by the lashings of sea foam, as stone grey as the sky that stood over them like a loveless parent. They crawled from the earth with the ocean salivating at their heels and reached, reached for the nurturing warmth of sunlight. But the fog remained, the sun set again, and all was lost in eternal monochrome. The northern tower jutted crudely from the peaks, needle-thin, so that the wind that rushed about its zenith whistled like a tuning fork.

In the highest room of the tower, where joviality was given up to the valleys of echoes, Greywaite sat atop a stool.

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Atlantis Short Story Competition 2013 – Top 40 Placing

I am very pleased to share news of my involvement in the Atlantis Short Story Competition 2013. My short story ‘Tower Of Fog’ placed in the top 40 of nearly 200 entrants.

“What I really like about your story is the setting creating an incredibly rich atmosphere pulling me right into your fictional world…” – Chloe Lenz, Atlantis Short Story Competition.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to share ‘Tower Of Fog’ with you all, so click on the┬árough little drawing of the story’s main protagonist to read it: