Little lights on the narrow path
linked together in one place.
See your profile in the shadows cast
never turning to my face.

Shattered nothings falling fast
on a deafened ear.

Pressing flowers in an old book
catching moments that are lost.
Don’t you know that they’re dead though?
Death for beauty is the cost.

Crumpled under weighted page
in a heavy tomb.

Scattered seeds on the pathway
under swooping of the bird.
Blinded crying in the harsh sun
wishing only to be heard.

Bone broken on the hardened soil
cast upon the floor.

Weakened roots in the shallow ground
seeking purchase in the rock.
Affronted by an indifference
that kept hunger under lock.

Praying for receding tides
and pursuit of sun.

Tangled vines and the sharp thorns
clinging tightly in a web.
Blood pouring and the rust scars
joy of living in an ebb.

Bleeding until hearts run dry
before blinded eyes.

Aching cries in the black sky
only echoes here reply.
Screaming inward from an awful place
where any hope can only die.

Salvation is a lonely writ
in an oblique place.

Little lights on the narrow path
linked together in one place.
See your profile in the shadows cast
never turning turn my face.

Salvation is a lonely writ
in an oblique place.

Salvation is a lonely writ
in an oblique place.

Harbour (Bare)

Away from imbroglios and brouhahas

To the torpid shorelines

Of oleaginous waves

Awash from dread and doubt

Brings forth a pulsing sorrow

Overwhelmed by drowning blues

Of sea and sky and burning sand

Of land-bound winds and crashing wake

In tranquility life is muted

Gulls spin on a mobile

Star-shaped shadows flit across the sand

Concave dune and convex contour

Shrill bell-cry through feathered throats

Rhythmic scuttling under the pier

Careful crab claws collect

Treasures no other would keep

But the high tide who’d steal them back

Stagnant indifference arrests the heart

The ocean recedes toward the horizon

Fish lay putrid and silver

In the stale rays of the day

And the rotted oyster tide

Hulls groan and chip their paint

Their decks creak in horror

Restless convicts of the bay

Knock the lynch-pin wharf

Inward cries split the ribs

Unbearable benevolence

I’d destroy it if I could

To bring an equilibrium

Wrapped in gloom-cloaked wings

She calls my name I am soothed

The oleaginous waves

The torpid shorelines

Wash away dread and doubt


A Poem – Juniper

Written below is an exclusive poem – one that encompasses an entire chapter of Tenebrae Manor. Read at your own discretion; there are minimal spoilers if you have not yet read Tenebrae Manor. Entitled Juniper, the poem entails the protagonist Bordeaux and his journey through a foreign land. Influenced by epic poems such as Iliad and The Divine Comedy, Juniper is the most unique chapter of Tenebrae Manor.

treble clef bird bass

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Coming Soon! – A Boy Named Art [Paperback]

I hope that everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit! I am pleased to announce the release of the short story / poem – A Boy Named Art. Illustrated paperback copies will be available on Amazon from 1st December 2014. This special edition of the dark and quirky poem is full of illustrations by the author and would make the perfect Christmas present for kids and adults alike. Kindle editions will also be available. Until then I’d love to invite you to add A Boy Named Art to your Goodreads shelf by clicking the image below. Merry Christmas and stay tuned for more information!


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A Poem – Halloween

Orange and black,
The night attacks.
The ghosts snear,
The sun sets in fear.

Brown and gold,
The year is old.
Don’t try and reason,
It’s a frightening season.

Yellow and red,
Dance with the dead.
Faint hearts cower,
Vampires devour.

The colours of ‘ween,
An unsettling scene.
Yet I feel content
In this sick temperament.


UPDATE : Lane Cove Literary Award – Shortlist

In an update from last week’s news – Tower Of Fog and Gull & Leviathan have made the shortlist for the Lane Cove Literary Award under Short Story and Waterbrook Poetry Prize respectively.

It is very exciting and humbling to have made it to the shortlist in both categories. The winners are announced October 29th.

You can read Tower Of Fog and Gull & Leviathan for yourself by following the links below:

Tower Of Fog

Gull & Leviathan – A Fable