Harbour (Bare)

Away from imbroglios and brouhahas To the torpid shorelines Of oleaginous waves Awash from dread and doubt Brings forth a pulsing sorrow Overwhelmed by drowning blues Of sea and sky and burning sand Of land-bound winds and crashing wake In tranquility life is muted Gulls spin on a mobile Star-shaped shadows flit across the sandContinue reading “Harbour (Bare)”

A Poem – Juniper

Written below is an exclusive poem – one that encompasses an entire chapter of Tenebrae Manor. Read at your own discretion; there are minimal spoilers if you have not yet read Tenebrae Manor. Entitled Juniper, the poem entails the protagonist Bordeaux and his journey through a foreign land. Influenced by epic poems such as IliadContinue reading “A Poem – Juniper”