Comets – The Jester

Meet Comets the Jester

“Mess! His mind’s a mess!”

“The imp was an enigma, a humanoid of disproportioned features, grotesque in their peculiarity. Did his mind bulge with knowledge and press against the very inside edges of his scalp? Or, encompassed as it were in his melon-like skull, was his mind more akin to a rattling bead in an egg-shaker, chiming like the bells of his motley cap and echoing off the cavernous walls of unused head? The eloquence of the monologues poured from the angular slit of a mouth in beautiful and nonsensical phonics; were they of purposeful poetic prose or merely the ramblings of an ignorant fool?”


Easily the most mysterious character of Tenebrae Manor, Comets is also endowed with an unrivaled lunacy. He is eloquent to a fault, yet often the words that spew forth from his mouth make little to no sense. He acts as a sort of lackey to Deadsol; the two of them infamous for much mischief within the mansion walls….

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