Crow – The Forest Hermit



“Your decision to remain in this dusky locale bewilders me, then again, men are very strange creatures…”

“… The human will deal with himself. In the end, they all die or go insane.”

“And you, my dear Crow?” sniggered Bordeaux.

Preferring his own company, Crow has lived as a hermit in Tenebrae Forest for many years. His life and background are a mystery; why he should choose to conceal himself in the forest of eternal night bewilders even the most macabre of Tenebrae Manor’s residents. A jack of all trades, Crow is an apt swordsman, skilled in equestrian matters and a fine blacksmith. Keeping to himself has meant he is highly independent, living in a small hut deep in the trees away from the manor. Bordeaux’s concerns are shared by Crow, who wishes to maintain the peaceful life he has created for himself.

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Published by P. S. Clinen

Official website of Australian author, artist and musician, P.S.Clinen. He has published two novels - Tenebrae Manor and The Will of the Wisp, as well as the illustrated poem A Boy Named Art. His most recent release is a poetry collection Vignettes - An Anthology. All of his works are available to purchase on Amazon. He has several albums available on Bandcamp and other streaming services. Check back often for more by this author, including poetry, short stories, new music and other updates.

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