The Composer – Arpage Espirando Notturno



“What is this? This impropriety? Here I am, the boulder barricading artistic flow just beginning to give when this, this! This commotion that tickles my very underarms, drains my strength and all ideas go up in puffs of smoke!”

Between the staff lines of his veins where blood flowed legato, he had shoveled away the rabble of quavers and clefs that lay cluttered, waiting to be assigned their position in some unwritten song…

Though not much of a ‘major player’ in Tenebrae Manor, the composer Arpage certainly encapsulates the whimsical nature of the mansion’s residents. Living in a shambled loft above a long isolated auditorium, Arpage spends his hours in the throes of frustration native to any artist or musician. A violently passionate man, though somewhat insipid and cowardly, the composer is a character who struggles to keep his emotions in check, often flying into frazzled fits of immature tantrums.

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