The Mute Chef



…The pleasures of speech and sound had long abandoned him…

His face was bland, a leather bag of forgettable features. His eyelids drooped so low that it was a shock to learn that he wasn’t blind as well. His lips pouted and sagged from years of disuse and his globe of a nose, the only distinguishable protuberance, jutted prominently.


Although being one of the more obscure characters of Tenebrae Manor, the Mute Chef has proven to be somewhat of a fan favourite among readers. Perhaps it is his plight that touches the hearts of fans; the poor elderly man is both deaf and mute, and is a slave to his job like so many of us. But he is a man of perfection who takes immense pride in his vocation, to such extent that it would seem that he enjoys his quiet life in the dank kitchens of the manor.

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Published by P. S. Clinen

Official website of Australian author and artist, P.S.Clinen. He has published two novels - Tenebrae Manor and The Will of the Wisp, as well as the illustrated poem A Boy Named Art. His most recent release is a poetry collection Vignettes - An Anthology. All of his works are available to purchase on Amazon. Check back often for more by this author, including poetry, short stories and other updates.

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