As I Was Saying…

My second EP, As I Was Saying… is now available to freely download and stream from Bandcamp and all other major streaming services. Enjoy this new set of songs.

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© 2022 All words, music and mistakes by P.S. Clinen

Sundown Wilds

Vocals, 12-String guitar, Electric guitar, Ocarina, Bass, Hand drum, Tambourine – Pinnacle Tricks

Well some might call for a sign of the times,
“A pink sky at night, a shepherd’s delight”
But the coffers are bare, filled only by crimes,
And people would perish for the sake of cold metal

If they’d only cast eyes to the skies in the west,
They’d catch a greater gold before it can set
Did you ever think any given sunset
Could be the last one you see – memento mori

The shadows I cast are as tall as my sins,
They stretch to the east and grow longer with time
They’ll never touch heavens, but exposed under light
Until they vanish and merge with the horrors of night

And the fire I built barely cuts through the dark,
Blind leading blind, a stumbling guide
That brings on the monsters, and yet still we think
We can save ourselves from the abyssal brink

She’s a Nomad

Vocals, Acoustic guitars, Hand drum, Piano – Pinnacle Tricks

Sometimes the road is better than home
And she knows he’ll soon be coming back
And when you’re in the red mist
She hears the wind chimes call –

“He’s not a man, but a boy with a gun,
And in a way he’s much more dangerous.
Sleep in hiding, you’re safe tonight,
If you put the campfire out.”

Sometimes she wishes she was in the caravans,
A gypsy reading hands
It’s all in the stars
Oh put the campfire out…

I Can’t Remember

Wind chimes, Vocals, Acoustic guitars, Hand drum, Cello, Piano, Harpsichord – Pinnacle Tricks
Other voices – My Son

Nobody ever really sees
When the hull is leaking water
Until it’s time to say,
“You know he seemed so happy.”

I don’t expect you to get it
When I barely understand myself
So I guess I’ll just toughen up,
Buck up and shut up,
Keep your hand on the plough

A tad emotional, yes?
But doesn’t that make the man?

Think I felt it once,
I can’t remember
No matter

And when you have everything,
You still have sadness
What do you do then?

All this privilege I didn’t ask for,
Thrown away from feeling anything

You know if I had the strength
To turn and face that black dog
You know I’d walk right up to him,
I’d slap his muzzle,
And I’d tell him where to go

Yeah, I’d tell him where to go

Banks Have Broken

Electric guitars, Bass, Piano, Marimba, Hand drum, Back-masked piano – Pinnacle Tricks


Earth’s End

Drone, Vocals, 12-String guitar, Electric guitar, Bass, Drums – Pinnacle Tricks

I hear the trade winds blowing
From the coast out past the cape

Push my heart and soul away,
Away, away

I’m standing on the cliff’s edge
See the sunset waves below

They crash and break away,
Away, away

Time to go, naught to lose
Nothing left for us to gain

White-capped swell will toss you
To a country unbeknownst

Earth’s end
Earth’s end

Ursa Minor

Vocals, Acoustic guitars, Electric guitar, Pan flute, Violin, Bass, Hand drum – Pinnacle Tricks

That snow-capped star;
Polaris, Polaris afar
Come guide us home;
Cross mountains and forest alone

How old’s your light,
In our nebulous plight?
And how long can you burn,
When there’s ice ‘cross your bow?

So come guide us home;
Polaris, Polaris alone
That snow-capped star;
Polaris, Polaris afar

Light o’ the moon, o’ wax, o’ wane,
Adrift in endless heavenly plain
Cover and comfort the weary contrite,
Weaving and stitching the fabric of night

Awake and a’ watch the sleeping above,
Silent insomniac cosmically wove
We’re miles away
From the dawning of day

So guide us home;
Polaris, Polaris alone
That snow-capped star;
Polaris, Polaris afar


Published by P. S. Clinen

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