Galaxy Bookshop – Sydney CBD NSW

Escape the bustle of the Sydney city and drop by Galaxy Bookshop on York Street. Located on the floor above Abbey’s Bookshop, Galaxy are unsurpassed when it comes to Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror, and I am pleased to say they have a few copies of Tenebrae Manor available. Address: Level 1, 131 York Street, SydneyContinue reading “Galaxy Bookshop – Sydney CBD NSW”

A Poem – Comet

When the sun is down and out for hoursAnd the blanket of night covers – don’t cower!Look up, observe, like illuminated flowers,Pouring like rain, it’s a comet shower. They shoot and dart like a canine lick,Aside symphonic cricket-y click.Magnificent space makes me giddy and sick,But a speck beneath the palatial cosmic. Everywhere, up! Constellations toContinue reading “A Poem – Comet”