Tenebrae Manor

“Within uncharted forest, where ancient magic keeps the night sky ever-present, stands Tenebrae Manor. Within its dusky walls dwell beings of macabre whimsy, headed by the pedant demon, Bordeaux and the hedonistic gorgon, Lady Libra. These apparitions are content to live out their eternity in the half-lit gloom; that is until the arrival of a certain uninvited guest – a live human being – imperils the concealment of Tenebrae Manor and the livelihood of its residents. And in the forest surrounding a new threat emerges – a threat that is rattling the once still trees, and dooming the manor towards irreparable decay. But the characters are unmoored. While some seem desperate to maintain ascendancy over their ruinous home, others adopt a facade of mischievous indifference that could undo them all. And is Tenebrae Manor even worth saving? After all, eternity is a frightfully long time to spend alone…”

Tenebrae Manor is the debut novel of Australian author P.S.Clinen. This unique and haunting gothic novel is available now in paperback and ebook format.

Praise for Tenebrae Manor:

‘a poetic, other-worldly song; macabre and mysterious.’ – Reader’s Favorite. Full Review Here

‘an exquisite tale that is not easily forgotten.’ – Book Viral. Full Review Here 

‘an amazing and original story of friendship and family with a group of unforgettable characters.’ – Feathered Quill. Full Review Here

‘eerie and highly evocative.’ – Awesome Indies. Full Review Here

Purchase your copy today – click on the image below.Front cover

Click here to read chapter 1 for free…


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