A Poem – Banshee

Once a humid summer morn,
When the clock hand swung to slice through four,
I rose from rest at three and three quarter
Thirsting for a simple glass of water.

Cooling water and cold steel tap,
I prepare to return and continue my nap.
When before me a sudden horrible fright –
A ghastly girl in flowing white.

Bolt upright I shoot, it was but a dream.
The woman doesn’t exist, it would seem.
Awake I am now, robbed of my sleep,
From my window I hear a woman weep.

The howls of the woman continue some more,
Curled up in my bed, I try to ignore.
Then hoping compassion would beat fear and foe,
Bravely I peered out of my window.

Silence. No more but the darkness of night,
My heart unsettled by eldritch quiet.
Courage building, out the window I lean,
But the woman and her cries are nowhere to be seen.

I try to sleep again but my eyes burn,
And soon the woman and her cries return.
Haunted and scared I pray for the morn,
But the woman was there until the dawn.

– 2009


Published by P. S. Clinen

Official website of Australian author, artist and musician, P.S.Clinen. He has published two novels - Tenebrae Manor and The Will of the Wisp, as well as the illustrated poem A Boy Named Art. His most recent release is a poetry collection Vignettes - An Anthology. All of his works are available to purchase on Amazon. He has several albums available on Bandcamp and other streaming services. Check back often for more by this author, including poetry, short stories, new music and other updates.

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