A Poem – Disintegrate In The Dusk

As the sun disappeared on a graveyard of frost, I sat in the dry and straw-like grass, My mind occupied by loved ones lost, Etched on tombstones of those long passed. Voices of ghosts howled on a black gale And my heart on a sudden became crestfallen. For in trying to find my next lyric,Continue reading “A Poem – Disintegrate In The Dusk”

A Poem – Banshee

Once a humid summer morn,When the clock hand swung to slice through four,I rose from rest at three and three quarterThirsting for a simple glass of water. Cooling water and cold steel tap,I prepare to return and continue my nap.When before me a sudden horrible fright –A ghastly girl in flowing white. Bolt upright IContinue reading “A Poem – Banshee”