Stained Glass

Rose lens / Halcyon

Days gone / Better then
Past lies / Future dry
“The present is best!” the hubris decry

A muted sorrow
Continues to follow

Rose lens / Halcyon

Rain begins / Once a friend
Now volley and strike; wrest and rend
Always a stranger
Never alone
Reasons for joy
But never my own

Rose lens / Halcyon


Published by P. S. Clinen

Official website of Australian author, artist and musician, P.S.Clinen. He has published two novels - Tenebrae Manor and The Will of the Wisp, as well as the illustrated poem A Boy Named Art. His most recent release is a poetry collection Vignettes - An Anthology. All of his works are available to purchase on Amazon. He has several albums available on Bandcamp and other streaming services. Check back often for more by this author, including poetry, short stories, new music and other updates.