Garden Lounge Creative Space, Newtown NSW

Sydney-siders can head over to Newtown to Garden Lounge Creative Space, where several copies of my books are available for sale. They have a great selection of books, specialising in poetry. Or drop by and see one of the many events running there including live music and poetry readings, not to mention great coffee! GardenContinue reading “Garden Lounge Creative Space, Newtown NSW”

NEW Release – Vignettes – An Anthology

A new publication available now; Vignettes – An Anthology compiles selected poems and prose pieces from the vault into a collection that will be available in paperback or ebook. Includes the award winning poem Gull & Leviathan – A Fable and the short story Tower of Fog, among others chosen by the author. I’m excitedContinue reading “NEW Release – Vignettes – An Anthology”

A Poem – Inbetween Awake & Asleep

Patiently still I listen and layFor a creature of sand to come and say,“To sleep with you, you weary wretch!There are eerie dreams for you to sketch!” A dark and warm inviting gazeEmerges from blue twilight haze.Heavy, my body sinks in a heap;Weightless, I float through dizzying sleep. Dream, young man. For your days areContinue reading “A Poem – Inbetween Awake & Asleep”