A Poem – Desolation Hill

Haggard eyes of sand – look! At blackened, brittle trees shook With gusts of groaning, ravaged fury, Bursting with the leaves they took. Like golden stars, they spin and swirl, Glide on violent gale hurl! Through grey force, the birds drown And slide on through maelstrom curl. The wind chases onward forth From empty, endlessContinue reading “A Poem – Desolation Hill”

Tenebrae Manor – Debut Novel by P.S.Clinen

I am pleased to announce the release of my debut novel, Tenebrae Manor. Available now on Amazon for your eReader and in paperback format. Help support this young author by purchasing a copy and leaving a review of your thoughts on Amazon. You can purchase Tenebrae Manor on Amazon HERE “Within uncharted forest, where ancientContinue reading “Tenebrae Manor – Debut Novel by P.S.Clinen”