Were I To Be A Tree

Were I to be a tree, only but a few pressing concerns would plague my petiolar mind. Foremost being the present equilibrium (or lack thereof) between rain and sunshine at any given moment. Short of the random yet necessary question of how cold one’s branches would feel in the wintertime with no appropriate coverage ofContinue reading “Were I To Be A Tree”

A Poem – Inbetween Awake & Asleep

Patiently still I listen and layFor a creature of sand to come and say,“To sleep with you, you weary wretch!There are eerie dreams for you to sketch!” A dark and warm inviting gazeEmerges from blue twilight haze.Heavy, my body sinks in a heap;Weightless, I float through dizzying sleep. Dream, young man. For your days areContinue reading “A Poem – Inbetween Awake & Asleep”