A Poem – Child

Tree bark, dagger sharp, Tri-pointed shape. Cutting out the jigsaw sky To other-worldly drape Scattered fallen wooden tokens Sudden star-struck floor. Rounded, fragile floating leaves Of green and verdant lure. Life alone or death surrounding Dancing, closing in. Glassy shimmer, distant bay, Renegade of sin. Aimless ribald vagabond Skipping all the while. Indifferent to whatContinue reading “A Poem – Child”

Editorial Review – Tenebrae Manor

I am elated to have received my first editorial review for Tenebrae Manor. To receive a 5 star review is incredibly humbling; I am very thankful for the kind words. See below: “This was one of the loveliest books I have read in a long time. My review cannot do it justice.” “Deep within aContinue reading “Editorial Review – Tenebrae Manor”

A Poem – Desolation Hill

Haggard eyes of sand – look! At blackened, brittle trees shook With gusts of groaning, ravaged fury, Bursting with the leaves they took. Like golden stars, they spin and swirl, Glide on violent gale hurl! Through grey force, the birds drown And slide on through maelstrom curl. The wind chases onward forth From empty, endlessContinue reading “A Poem – Desolation Hill”