Siberian Solitude

There was a crack. A sharp cut split the frozen ground. Its echo jettisoned itself from the source in an attempt to find something to reverb against. But there was nothing. And just as a pebble is plunged into a pool the waves would go on; perhaps they could carry themselves forever like the neverContinue reading “Siberian Solitude”

A Poem – Inbetween Awake & Asleep

Patiently still I listen and layFor a creature of sand to come and say,“To sleep with you, you weary wretch!There are eerie dreams for you to sketch!” A dark and warm inviting gazeEmerges from blue twilight haze.Heavy, my body sinks in a heap;Weightless, I float through dizzying sleep. Dream, young man. For your days areContinue reading “A Poem – Inbetween Awake & Asleep”