Click Here For A Chance To Win A Free Book!

Click Here For A Chance To Win A Free Book!

Help Tenebrae Manor gain exposure by voting for it in Goodreads ‘Best Books of 2014’ poll.

What to do?

  1. Click on the link attached to this post.
  2. Click the tab ‘add books to this list’.
  3. Add books from a search > search for Tenebrae Manor.
  4. Click ‘vote for this book’.

Need some more incentive to vote for my novel? The first two people to message me directly will receive a FREE copy of Tenebrae Manor.

Honesty is important, so I would encourage you to grab a copy of Tenebrae Manor to read before you vote! Purchase Tenebrae Manor here:

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You have my thanks…

Meet A Friend Of Mine

Let me introduce a lad that I know. He’s really quite nice, though it may not show. His face and attire could give you a start; with spider leg hair – his name is Art.



No doubt he’ll be showing up on this site every now and then…. What better time for you to meet him?