Free Halloween Books Available Now

Tenebrae Manor (both the original and definitive editions) and The Will of the Wisp are free to download on Amazon Kindle for five days only! Promotion ends on Halloween 31st October so get yourself a spooky read to get into the spirit of things! Links below:

Tenebrae Manor (Original Edition)

Tenebrae Manor (Definitive Edition)

The Will of the Wisp

Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition – Available Now

Just in time for Halloween, Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition is available now! I’m very pleased to be able to get this ready in time for the upcoming holiday season. This improved edition of my first novel is the best way to experience the story. Containing illustrations, poetry, character profiles, interviews and more, this is Tenebrae Manor the way it is meant to be.

Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive EditionĀ can be purchased on Amazon for $15.99 USD, making it cheaper than the original edition! Just one more reason to add it to your reading collection. A Kindle edition is also available for just $0.99 USD! Click the image below to get your copy today.

In the Dark Trees_Front Cover

Click Here For A Chance To Win A Free Book!

Click Here For A Chance To Win A Free Book!

Help Tenebrae Manor gain exposure by voting for it in Goodreads ‘Best Books of 2014’ poll.

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Need some more incentive to vote for my novel? The first two people to message me directly will receive a FREE copy of Tenebrae Manor.

Honesty is important, so I would encourage you to grab a copy of Tenebrae Manor to read before you vote! Purchase Tenebrae Manor here:

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