Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition – Available Now

Just in time for Halloween, Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition is available now! I’m very pleased to be able to get this ready in time for the upcoming holiday season. This improved edition of my first novel is the best way to experience the story. Containing illustrations, poetry, character profiles, interviews andContinue reading “Tenebrae Manor: In the Dark Trees Definitive Edition – Available Now”

Great Christmas Presents Available

Tenebrae Manor – Buy Now Paperback: $18.50 AUD Kindle: $3.99 AUD Debut novel of Australian author P.S. Clinen. A unique and haunting gothic novel. For more information, including the first chapter, click here. A Boy Named Art – Buy Now $4.99 AUD A quirky poem for children and adults alike, complete with illustrations by the author. LaneContinue reading “Great Christmas Presents Available”

One Year On….

Hard to believe it has been one year since Tenebrae Manor was published. Thank you to my many readers and followers who have made it a very enjoyable journey! Remember that Tenebrae Manor is available on Amazon; or you could check out Goodreads to see what others thought of it! Your support is invaluble, soContinue reading “One Year On….”


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