Mortal Curse

A strange thing, to write a will. An inherent acceptance of mortality; a signing off one’s allotted portion of time. Life is dark, when you consider it, flanked at either end by black curtains – at birth and death – and one can do no more than stagger forward blindly with a candle flame that illuminates only as far as faith commands. I have turned to thinking perhaps a little too deeply on things, I cannot help myself. I relate to a strange series of events happened long ago…. My friend has just died. Spare no consolations for me; we fell from communications long ago, and he has died of admirable age. I know all too well the pangs of grief, having lost – like many – peoples of whom my life has been so deeply rooted. No, I feel I won’t cry for the man, at least not yet, but a peculiar circumstance surrounding his demise has tickled a rather macabre fancy in my oft drifting mind; a sort of sinister darkness of memory I had not recalled since my youth. At my age the mind starts to play tricks; happenings that once seemed so real I must now remind myself of their tangibility, whilst reminding myself that other monsters are just dreams. But no, the events of this tale are true – of that I pledge with utmost surety.

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Tenebrae Manor – Free Amazon Download Beginning 1st February

It’s a new year, and time for another Amazon giveaway! Tenebrae Manor will be free to download from Sunday 1st until Thursday 5th February. If you haven’t had a chance to read this gothic novel yet, now is your chance! Stay tuned for more information and kick start your reading year with a good book!

If perhaps you were looking for something a little lighter, be sure to check out A Boy Named Art, an illustrated poem also available on Amazon.

Front Cover FinalFRONT COVER

Coming Soon! – A Boy Named Art [Paperback]

I hope that everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit! I am pleased to announce the release of the short story / poem – A Boy Named Art. Illustrated paperback copies will be available on Amazon from 1st December 2014. This special edition of the dark and quirky poem is full of illustrations by the author and would make the perfect Christmas present for kids and adults alike. Kindle editions will also be available. Until then I’d love to invite you to add A Boy Named Art to your Goodreads shelf by clicking the image below. Merry Christmas and stay tuned for more information!


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Halloween – The Aftermath

Well, what a week. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who participated in my free giveaway of Tenebrae Manor. The amount of books pushed out the door was phenomenal. To give some perspective – I ran a 5 day giveaway back in May; this Halloween giveaway saw twice as many downloads of Tenebrae Manor ON DAY ONE ALONE! Needless to say I am very grateful to get my novel to new readers. I only hope that you enjoy reading it; if you do, let the world know! Post a review on Amazon or Goodreads, tell your friends, or even lend your copy to someone else.

Front Cover Final

Amongst the celebrations of Halloween week I was privileged to attend the inaugural Lane Cove Literary Awards, where I had two works receive great accolades. Tower Of Fog made the shortlist in the short story section, while Gull & Leviathan took out the award for poetry. Again I say thank you to the organisers of this new event, and hope this program moves on to greater things next year.

photo (3)

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? Did you watch a scary movie? I adore this holiday, if last week was any indication. So allow me to close out the Halloween festivities with my costume for this year; from my favourite video game The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, here I am as the Skull Kid. Happy Halloween! See you next year!

photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

‘You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?’

Halloween Week Day 5 – Tenebrae Manor FREE Download

A little over 24 hours remain to download a free copy of Tenebrae Manor from Amazon. Don’t miss out! Click the image below to get your copy now:

Front Cover Final

“May the night know no end!”

As we get closer than ever to Halloween, I’ve saved my best costume for today. Here is 2011’s costume, Edward Scissorhands:


“I’m not finished”

Here is a poem from yours truly; it’s a bit of an oldie, I wrote this way back in 2007. Hitherto untitled, but in the spirit of the season, let’s call it ‘Halloween’:

Orange and black,
The night attacks.
The ghosts snear,
The sun sets in fear.

Brown and gold,
The year is old.
Don’t try and reason,
It’s a frightening season.

Yellow and red,
Dance with the dead.
Faint hearts cower,
Vampires devour.

The colours of ‘ween,
An unsettling scene.
Yet I feel content
In this sick temperament.

Happy Halloween for tomorrow! Don’t forget to download your free copy of Tenebrae Manor!

Halloween Week Day 4 – Tenebrae Manor FREE Download

Only 2 days left to download Tenebrae Manor for free. Click the image below to get your copy now:

Front Cover Final

“Incorrigible fiend! You will not see the moon rise again! I will pry your heart from its dark cage! I will wrench that vile thing from the very pit of your ashen soul!”

Some characters just brim with the sinister. Across all kinds of media one can be given a fright. For those who enjoy a good video game, have a bash on some of my spooky favourites – Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Super Metroid or Castlevania. If you really want a scare, try Amnesia: The Dark Descent –  you have been warned! Yesterday I mentioned The Simpsons, whose Treehouse Of Horror episodes are among the best! And 2013 saw me dress as their classic cartoon villain, Sideshow Bob!:

Sideshow Bob

“Attempted murder! Now honestly, what is that? Do they give a Nobel prize for attempted chemistry?!”

Any episode of The Simpsons featuring Sideshow Bob is always a special one. Kelsey Grammar portrays his famous eloquence perfectly:

“So sorry, Mr. Simpson, but your house is blocking construction of our new Matlock Expressway. Now, I am a fair man. You may have 72 hours to vacate. After which time we will blow up your house and any remaining Simpsons.”

Halloween Week Day 3 – Tenebrae Manor FREE Download

Tenebrae Manor is free to download from Amazon for 3 more days. Click the image below to get your copy now:

Front Cover Final

“I am so weary; sleep beckons me! But how? How can I engage in slumberous activities when time drags me screaming closer to the date of my doom!”

Today let’s divulge in a few spooky films to satisfy a lust for the eldritch and macabre! Tim Burton’s films have enraptured me since I was child, so I implore people to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas! There are also plenty of TV shows that have had influenced me over the years – Dark Shadows, The Addams Family to name a few. Not to mention The Simpsons annual Treehouse Of Horror episodes. Perhaps you’d enjoy a good old cult classic too; ignore the sequels, because Brandon Lee is the only true hero of The Crow! Here is 2009’s costume, and I must say I wish my hair had been longer for this one:


“Victims. Aren’t we all?”

The Crow had a cracking soundtrack. It also gave light to one of The Cure’s finest songs, Burn:

This trembling adored tousled bird-mad girl,

Every night I burn, scream the animal scream,

Every night I burn, dream the crow black dream.