Great Christmas Presents Available

Tenebrae Manor – Buy Now Paperback: $18.50 AUD Kindle: $3.99 AUD Debut novel of Australian author P.S. Clinen. A unique and haunting gothic novel. For more information, including the first chapter, click here. A Boy Named Art – Buy Now $4.99 AUD A quirky poem for children and adults alike, complete with illustrations by the author. LaneContinue reading “Great Christmas Presents Available”

Coming Soon! – A Boy Named Art [Paperback]

I hope that everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit! I am pleased to announce the release of the short story / poem – A Boy Named Art. Illustrated paperback copies will be available on Amazon from 1st December 2014. This special edition of the dark and quirky poem is full of illustrations by theContinue reading “Coming Soon! – A Boy Named Art [Paperback]”